Selasa, 28 Oktober 2008

S. O. R. R. Y

I force to hide myself from all the truths.
Suppose that I'm innocent,
Feels like all the things I've done were just right.

I pretend to be someone else,
I live in a world of nowhere.
And that's obviously not the real me.

I can not tell a lie to my heart,
But I can not be honest to them.
And that's why I hate me, myself.

I'm sorry for all the lies...
I know it hurts you, anyway,
I promise to be myself,
I want to be someone you can trust on,
But I'm sorry,
It's not now...

Senin, 20 Oktober 2008

Grmmbbbl...ggrmbblll...'ve made a 'sin' for me.
The real big...big 'sin'.
Anata no kage...has digged the deepest pain of my heart.
Anata ni aitai.
That's terribly true!

I miss you in the wrong way, time and place.
Anata wa doko ni iru no?
Doushite...anata ni aitai, but you do not so?
Let me know...
It's just unfair!

Oshiete...hyakunen no mae,
you will never comeback to my sorrowful life.
Onegai...I beg you...

You would never realize,
Hoshitachi wa ikitsudzukeru no ni,
You would never realize...
My overflowing feeling to you,
Although the time keep spinning around...
You would never realize.

And I'm sick of that!
Saa...atashi no tomodachi no iu:
"To be forgotten is worse than death",
but for me...
To be unseen is the worst!

Anyway, dude...
I'm not that nakushita mono.
I do.

Minggu, 19 Oktober 2008

And I Walk Alone

Then it comes out,
I feel so low.
Hard to reach my former position,
Hard to scream to be heard,
Hard to smile to show that I'm okay.
My pain is too worst.
My heart's pieces broken to the smallest.
And I can not trust anyone.
I feel my spirit has gone too far,
My soul's drowning away,
but my body just doing nothing.
Then I walk alone...